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Are you considering a career change?  Do you want to escape the mundanity of doing a normal “job” for the rest of your working life?  Do you wish to embark on a career that will not only empower you economically, but also allow you to grow as a human being, becoming socially aware and allowing you to assist your community on a fundamental level to improve their socio-economic environment?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then perhaps a career as a SAEWA official may be just the answer!  Enrol as a Junior Official with SAEWA today, and we will assist you in reaching your dreams.

Junior Official

As a Junior Official, during the first six months of your employment, you will be provided with the guidance necessary in order to create and develop a diverse membership base.  Your efforts and perseverance will determine your earnings, as you will not only be paid a handsome commission and a share of membership income, but you will also receive financial assistance on a weekly basis.

Trade Union Official

After a successful training period, you will continue to grow your membership base while increasing your monthly income.  You will represent your members during grievances, disciplinary hearings, conciliations and negotiations.  You will continue to grow your skills and your membership until you are ready to move up to the next level

Senior Trade Union Official

At this stage, you shall be a competent, well-rounded Senior Trade Union Official, handling arbitrations, and complex negotiations.  Continue to develop your skills and start preparing for the next big leap in your career!

Team Leader

You were a successful Senior Trade Union Official, now it’s time to become a successful Team Leader!  Let your legacy live on when you build your team of officials, train them, mentor them and guide them through their very own success story.

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