By becoming a SAEWA member, you will have access to many benefits.  Key benefits include:

Legal Advice & Services

As a SAEWA member, you shall have access to a national network of skilled union officials to represent you in the workplace, in grievance, hearings and disputes at the CCMA, relevant Bargaining Council or Labour Court.  If necessary, you will be represented by trained labour law professionals from our Labour Law Desk.

Personal Representation

By law, you may ONLY be represented by a Trade Union Official at the CCMA or Bargaining Council.  As a SAEWA member, you will have access to such representation through our Labour Law Desk, free of any additional fees.

Health & Safety

SAEWA will monitor the health & safety standards that you are exposed to in the workplace, ensuring that you are not at risk of any situation that may cause injury or long-term illness.


SAEWA supports the principles of employment equality for all and will oppose any discrimination against any of our members on any arbitrary grounds such as race, gender, religious convictions, political affiliation or sexual preference.

Freedom. Democracy. SAEWA.

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