The Electrical Contracting Industry is regulated by the Main Agreement of the National Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry SA.  This national organisation is “co-owned” by SAEWA and gives us an exclusive right to organise members in this industry, generally defined as the Electrical Contracting Sector.  The industry employs 20, 000 workers at about 3, 000 different firms.  Annually, SAEWA negotiates salaries/wages and other conditions of employment for all of the workers in the industry, not only the SAEWA members.  Non-SAEWA members pay a Collective Bargaining Fee (CBL) of R10.00 per week.  SAEWA members do not pay this fee!  Workers in this industry who pay the CBL are therefore excellent prospects for membership. Also, SAEWA Officials serve as Trustees to the industry pension/provident funds, and all queries related to these funds can be directed to the SAEWA National Call Centre by workers in the industry – another source of prospects.

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